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Product Introduction:

Solar insect killing lamp is designed according to the fact that the fly insect can be trapped by a certain light color, a certain light wave length. The trapping light is with a certain light color and a certain light wave length to trap the fly insect and kill by the high voltage stainless steel net close to the light.
Baodigoldsun adopt the intelligent control system developed by its own to realize automatically switch on and off the light either by light sensor or water sensor. The system can also protect the product in the regards of voltage, current, and temperature which improved the whole products reliability. The system can automatically adjust the charging and discharging current and voltage to prolong the battery life. The control system can also clean the high voltage stainless steel net automatically according to the operation of the lamp, which makes the whole product works stable and reduces the labor cost.

Qualification and Honors:

1. Comply with national standard GB/T 24689.2-2009 for crop protection equipment and devices and authenticated by National Inspection Center for Crop Protection Equipment and Devices and National Inspection and Test Center for Agricultural Equipment.
2. Authenticated by Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Bureau and China National Mechanical Association with report stating the technology of Baodigoldsun solar insect killing lamp achieved international advanced level.
3. The product won the 3rd place of prize for Yantai Science and Technology Development.
4. The product is certified by CE and ROHS with two invention patents and four application patents.

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