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The solar mosquito repellent lamp is powered by solar panel. It can work as mosquito repellent lamp and landscape lamp, which is clean, beautiful and environmental. The system is mainly composed of solar panel, light source, controller and battery. In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. In the evening, rainy day or cloudy day, the battery shall supply power, and the controller can control it work in the evening, and keep for 5-6hours per day. Based on the biological nature of mosquito on light, wave, color attraction, the product is designed with the special light source, which could trap the pests into flying to the light bulb. The pests can be killed by high-voltage shocking networks outside around. The products can be widely used in Manor, house, villa, garden, floor, golf course, equestrian club, orchard, farm, pasture, etc.


Auto lighting at night

Applies 365nm wavelength to attract insects and mosquitoes while killing them with over 2300AC voltage and less than 5A current which is safe to human beings.

Protects your family from mosquitoes, insect bites & related diseases

Can light up for about 5hours continuously after a full day’s charge (6-8 hours)

Compact and lightweight, convenient to install

Solar-powered, both environmental friendly and money saving

Convenient way to kill mosquitos and bugs inside and outdoors, with no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution

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